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Madden NFL Secrets

Using this app and its simple step by step feature it can turn you into a top tier Madden player that is obliterating their opponents.
Now available on the App Store and Play Store!

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Step By Step
Visual Instruction

The concept behind this app is showing the process of plays step by step with one picture at a time. By following our visual instructions it makes winning in Madden simple easy and fun. Whether you're an experienced Madden player or it's your first time playing this app offers guides for players of all levels.

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Over 60 plays are provided in this guide for both offense and defense

You can email & share the guide with your friends.

You can browse and search for all plays in the guide. Mark your favorite plays to find it faster!

From iOS to All Android Devices! Compatible with iPad, iPhone, & all Android devices

Why Ours Is Better!

What makes this guide better than all other apps is the step by step concept with pictures. Every other app provides videos that are too fast to keep up with and make it hard for the buyer to understand. Using the app it will simplify all of the best plays in Madden for you.

Options for Both
Beginners & Advanced

If you are brand new to the game of Madden this application offers simple yet strong strategies for players to use. Once mastering these techniques it will give the experience to use our advanced guide. Our advanced guide showcases the top plays of the Madden community. These plays will lead you to locking down your opponents and scoring tons of points on them.

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This app gives you the option to change the language to your own preference of 11 different languages. English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Farsi, Italian & Hindi.
Now available on the App Store and Play Store!

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